Incarnate: Tactical Card Combat



Building a character and making a deck are only the first steps in exploring the endless possibilities and combinations of play styles that are available to players in Incarnate.

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Cross Classing

Characters are created by combining a Body, Mind, and Soul, giving players the ability to choose what and how to play.

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Shifting Landscape

Incarnate is played on a fully dynamic 3D battlefield which players can manipulate using the characters’ many unique abilities.

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The option to play cooperatively in the Endless Dungeon mode, AND on the Competitive Ladder opens up the possibility of gathering not just individuals, but teams.


A Turn-Based Cooperative and Competitive Card Arena
Multiplayer Online Collectible Card Arena

Incarnate is the world's first Multiplayer Online Collectible Card Arena (MOCCA). Incarnate's MOCCA gameplay focuses on cooperative Player Versus Environment (PVE) and Player Versus Player (PVP), bringing the overwhelming popularity of Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) team play to CCGs. Team games are vastly more popular than individual games and, for the first time, through Incarnate, CCGs are able to smoothly make the transition to a team sport!

The Team

Incarnation Station

Dirk Heidecke


Robert Macgillivray


Dane Miner

Art Director

Greg Canon

3D Artist